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christine (:
18 July 2013 @ 09:32 am

christine (:
26 September 2012 @ 06:52 pm
it's only when something happens that i look back and wish i had did many things differently..
i wish i had took the effort to wake up earlier every Saturday morning just to communicate more. if i could, i'd spend every Friday taking you out for a nice meal. and i'd take you around for a spin around town in my beetle because it'd make you proud. above all else, i wish i took you for dim sum in chinatown when you requested, instead of going ahead to attend the meeting for a project.

i don't want to regret, and all i want is you to come home with me now.
please get well soon.. please do.

Current Mood: worriedworried
christine (:
26 February 2012 @ 08:11 pm
all i want and need now is...

christine (:
25 February 2012 @ 05:18 am
life has been treating me well and God is great.

i've never really had girlfriends around me because of my tom-boyish demeanor i've always been closer to the boys. until CJ, i've had a few pretty good girlfriends whom i still stay in touch with, glad to say. i've come to realise that while i may not have enjoyed my secondary school life as much as i would have liked to, i've been blessed with great friends during JC and now in NIE.

the last week has been a disgustingly packed and busy week, with 3 tests, 1 assignment and 1 presentation. it was so busy that i completely forgot that i was to present on thursday. fortunately, a good friend called on wednesday to remind me that i was due to present the next day. i was having difficulties with the preparation and desperate, i complained to my friends about it. without second thoughts, they immediately took it upon themselves to help me and did not stop there when they themselves couldn't provide me with a solution. they turned to their brothers for help and when they still couldn't get an answer one of them turned to her friends. just to help me, 7 people were involved in solving a mathematical question just so that i could get on to prepare my slides to the best of my ability.

thank you cheryl and eugenia, for always being there for me when i need you girls without hesitation.

having been unwell the entire of last week, i was completely unprepared for my math test on tuesday after sitting for 2 tests on monday. i've been so caught up in preparing for the two tests that i neglected the third one. fortunately, serene was there to explain the mathematical concepts i couldnt quite grasp fully yet, at 7pm on a monday night in school. she readily offered to help any of us if we had any questions. so fortunate, because if not for her, i wouldn't have studied for that 2 hours on monday before the test. especially since i fell asleep immediately after getting home and though i skipped class the next morning, i woke up late and had to see the doctor. if not for serene, i would have lost much more than the 3 marks that i've lost for the test. so thankful to her for helping me get my score.

and how can i forget the one person who has always been by my side to provide me with utmost support and encouragement in all that i do, thank you for helping me with my math question even though you hate maths. you know who you are <3
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
christine (:
22 February 2012 @ 03:04 am
nothing can be worst than this, and yet this is inevitable. its only a matter of time and we know it...

its finally time.
christine (:
31 December 2011 @ 09:06 pm
its only hours before the end of the year and i figured its about time i posted something on this space. this year has not exactly been the best of years, many things happened and it was a turbulent year.

the love of my life: 
we've not seen each other for almost the entire month now, and we've barely celebrated our 2nd anniversary because i suddenly fell sick that day. but we'll be having our belated celebration in hong kong very soon and i cannot think of a better way to start the year than to visit hong kong with the one that i love so much. this year was a pretty bad year with many ups and downs in our relationship, but with the coming of the new year, may we put all the unhappiness behind us. forget about how i've disappointed you because it won't happen again. and i promise to be less feisty and more forgiving. you are my best friend and my boyfriend and i know there is much more to us than this. we will be married with beautiful kids as we grow and i will never regret having chosen you from the very start.

my family may not be the happiest and most peaceful but if i had a say in the choice of my parents i would never give them up for any other. they may not be the richest parents but they are the most supportive parents. through my decision to teach, they have given me their utmost support all the way up till i enrolled into NTU/NIE. they've been proud of me and i will strive to continue to make them proud. it's also been a blessing that my brother has been more family oriented as compared to the times when he only cared about the computer and nothing else. 

i now have friends from a various spectrum of age groups. having taught, i've made friends with people who are much older and those who have an entire life waiting ahead of them. it's awesome because of the different opinions you can get on a matter and it widens your perspective. more importantly, i've found a group of friends in NIE who i've known since we have started teaching and its a comfort to me that we are still good friends despite all the tough times. its good to know that the people you started off this journey with are still here with you when many others no longer contact their TPP course mates.

his is the very year i had my own form class to call and to shoulder the responsibility of caring for 30 kids. it was not exactly the easiest experience but it was a fun and enriching one. while i hope that they have taken away many things from my lessons and my short time i had with them, it was them who changed my perspective of things. i was initially disappointed with having to teach before i could study, but in retrospect, contract teaching was a blessing in disguise. i am all the more sure this is what i enjoy doing and want to do. even though we've had our moments, i can still safely say that i am still very much in love with my lovely class, P2-5.

new/adventurous things tried this year:
- snorkeling: having a phobia of the open sea, it was a crazy and exciting experience. what made it better was that it was jon who was there with me the whole time.

- pageant: i've never ever thought that i would ever partake in a pageant contest because honestly, its really not my thing. however having gone through it, i'm glad that the best take away from it was not the win, but the friends made in it. 

- parent-teacher conferences: i've always shivered and shuddered at the thought of having to chair a PTC but having done it twice now, i'm glad i survived it because the parents were great and so encouraging. my greatest fear was that they would question my capabilities because of my age, however, not a single one of them asked about it, instead, they gave words of encouragement and appreciation.

- making new friends with my tour group mates: it was the best experience i had with the tour mates this trip to turkey, which made up for the disappointing tour guides. taking jump shots next to the guards on sentry was a hilarious experience and it was all the more rewarding when they actually hid behind the wall to laugh. it was amazing. so were the taboo games and rounds of monopoly deal where we made so much noise in the lobby that we decided to crash nig and my room instead the next night but received a call from the reception to ask us to lower our volume. its an unforgettable trip, this time! 

- clubbing: never intended to try this out but figured that i've already hit my 20s and its about time. but in all honesty, it was an awesome experience because i bumped into so many 04 classmates in zouk. on top of that, i've made new found friends and most importantly, because i went with a friend who proved to be a great babysitter who always made sure i kept out of trouble. i'm glad i kept my promise to you in return, cow. 4 years and still counting..

i'm not going to come up with a new years resolution this year because based on experience, it is seldom ever fulfilled. tonight was meant to be celebrated with jon but since he'll only be back from china tomorrow, new year will be celebrated differently. i'll be out with the st pats buddies at butter while waiting for jon to return tomorrow.

can't wait to see you!
christine (:
13 December 2011 @ 08:00 pm
i wish we had more time together even though i know we are already spending so much time together 
Current Mood: lazylazy
christine (:
12 December 2011 @ 11:59 pm
i've been coming into livejournal, staring at this space thinking of a way to put my thoughts into words and express myself. but i fall flat every single time. there's just a lack of words for me to describe how i feel.

jon's already left for america and i can't wait to go to turkey. i remember how i used to be so excited about going overseas that i would normally stay awake throughout the entire night, and that was in primary school. years later, i'm now 20 and being excited still keeps me awake.

what will keep me awake for more than a night will be the upcoming trip with jon after turkey. we may only be going to hong kong, a country that i visit almost every other year, but the thought of being able to travel with jon alone is already so exhilerating. never thought that mommy will ever allow me to go overseas with jon alone when i can't even stay over any one's place. so its really amazing that we'll get to travel together.

we've came a long way to get to where we are and through the ups and downs in this relationship, it just makes me all the more sure that this is worth all the effort and time we put in. and i'm all the more sure that this is the guy i've loved for the past 3 years and will love in the future years to come.

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christine (:
03 November 2011 @ 11:08 pm
Life is good with you around,  Jonathan Yap Ming Jin <3
Take care and have fun in Phuket!!

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christine (:
11 September 2011 @ 01:54 pm
Note to self: Please start doing your assignments!